Bike Availability

We keep a good range of bikes in stock but there are so many different models, styles, sizes and colours that we couldn’t keep them all. For this reason most bike sold by us and most other bike shops come from stock held by the companies we work with, usually available on very short lead times of just a few days.

Our website displays just only a selection of the bikes that we range, showing our stock where we have it available and in the case of Trek bikes, it will also displays some bikes that are available on short (3-5days) lead time from Trek’s UK warehouse. For other suppliers we cannot currently display this availability information but this does not necessarily mean that bikes showing on our website as ‘out of stock’ are unavailable. Many bikes may will still be available to order from the supplier on short lead times. That’s why we’d always encourage you to get in touch with us if you are thinking about buying a bike, either by visiting the shop, via email or Facebook message.

Our staff have access to all supplier stock systems and can check and give accurate availability information and supply times. More importantly, they can provide assistance on sizing and model choice and help with expert advise on any other equipment or accessories you’ll need to make the most of your cycling.

All bikes we sell are assembled by a qualified mechanic and undergo a full multi-point safety check to ensure they are safe to ride.



The pandemic has had an effect on bike supply in the UK. There has been some obvious disruption to supply chains and lockdown seems to have inspired a surge of interest in cycling from people looking to bikes for their daily exercise. These changes also arrived at a time that is at the end of the cycle industry’s yearly product cycle, with new model year bikes usually beginning to arrive in July and August.

What this means is that there are likely to be many bike models in short supply over the summer months. Our advice as always is to get in touch. Our staff have access to more detailed supplier stock availability information including expected availability dates allowing them to advise model availability and supply dates or find and suggest available alternatives.

Looking for a new bike?

We’ll make sure you get the best.

We are a local bike shop and we believe that finding the right bike, getting it properly sized, fitted, kitted out and properly assembled and safety checked is the best way to make sure you get the very best cycling experience. That’s why we’d always recommend you get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and be properly sized by an experienced member of staff to ensure you find the right bike.

We are proud of our success record. For over 20 years we have been matching customers to great bikes, in fact, many of our first customers are still riding bikes from us today so you can be confident you’ll get good advice. We don’t want to make sales, we want to make cyclists and bring them many happy miles of riding and this means making sure we match you with the best possible bike for you and the riding you want to do.