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Posted on: 26/10/2020 at 3:30pm

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions on what sport and activities have been possible during lockdown there has been a huge surge in the number of people turning to cycling for their exercise needs. The pandemic has got more people on bikes and as a result bike shops (which have mostly remained open) have been busily trying to keep up with the increased demand for bikes, cycling essentials, spares and workshop services. This has meant that shops, suppliers and manufacturers have all been kept extremely busy trying to keep up. Add in the fact that there were some interruptions to supply due to factory closures and transport restrictions and its been an altogether challenging year for the cycle industry but one that we are of course very pleased to see.

It’s wonderful to see so many people cycling and enjoying the freedom that cycling gives. The down side is of course that it has sometimes been a little frustrating for us and our customers as we meet scarcity issues with bikes and spare parts.

The good news is that we are lucky enough to work with some of the biggest and best bike brands in the business. Companies like Trek and Specialized didn’t get to be the huge global brands that they are today without building slick and well managed supply chains and being well prepared to adapt to these kind of changes. So while these changes are certainly unprecedented our suppliers are resourceful and adaptable and working hard to ensure that we can continue to meet demand with the same excellent bikes, backup and warranty that we have built our reputation on.


Thinking of buying a bike?

If you are thinking of buying a bike there are a few things you should know about supply right now. Back in the summer when demand for bikes began to rise significantly our suppliers were all monitoring this very closely and in constant contact with us for feedback and predictions of demand. This allowed them to plan increases to their production that would ensure a good supply of bikes going forward but with bike manufacturers often working on planning 1 – 2 model years in advance of what we are selling right now, coping with this colossal shift in demand has still left them stretched.  The upshot has been that demand has been such that many people have still found it difficult to find the bikes they are looking for.


Not all bike brands/bike shops are created equal…

As we said earlier, we are very lucky to work with some of the biggest and best in the business, when these guys flex their manufacturing muscles, things get done. This has meant that our suppliers have been able to maintain a consistent supply of bikes throughout. However there are two other very important factors that have been key to our continued ability to supply bikes and keep customers happy….


Forward planning…

To ensure we got bikes we committed to significant pre-orders of bike stock from our suppliers. This has meant us anticipating what bikes there will be demand for and ensuring we have good stock of these ordered well in advance of when we are going to need them. A year ago if you had come to buy a bike the chances are you’d choose from a selection of display models on the shop floor then a bike for you in the correct size and style would be ordering directly from a supplier’s own stockholding. Today, due to the huge boom in bike sales, things are often working a little differently….


Find your perfect match

Many of our bike sales at present involve our expert staff matching pre-ordered bikes to customers. When bikes arrive with us from our suppliers now it is not unusually for most or all of that stock to be pre-sold to customers who were carefully matched to the bike availability that we have. Of course we have free stock too and all the time as availability improves and we get better at predicting demand our free and available stock will also get better but right now with a continuing high level of demand for bikes that we anticipate will continue for some time, the best way to get the bike you want as soon as possible is to talk to us about available options so that we can find a bike, either from our own stock or from our regular stock order arrivals that is the best fit for you.

Our staff have been matchmaking riders to bikes for many years and over this summer have added to this skill a zen-like one-ness with supplier availability data and backorder information. All this means they are the best route not only to finding what bike is right for you but to then ensure you get that bike when you want it.


So what about that all important Christmas gift?

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten big red’s visit looming on the horizon and we want to make sure your loved ones get the two wheel Christmas they deserve so we’ve stocked up on those bikes we sell a lot at this time of year. We have a good stock of the Frog kids bikes in a wide range of sizes and colours. These award winning kids bikes are superb value and are assembled right here in Wales. We’ve also got arrivals of some great entry level mountain bikes, road bikes and urban bikes in sizes suitable for growing riders.

The best way to make sure you get the bike you want for Christmas is to speak to us as soon as possible an get your bike reserved now.

You can reserve any bike with 10% deposit and our CYTEC qualified mechanics will assemble it, safety check it and then store it free or charge ready for collection closer to Christmas.




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