Buying a bike in 2021

Posted on: 28/04/2021 at 2:20pm

The combined impact of the Covid19 pandemic, Brexit and bike boom has made buying a bike in 2021 a very different experience from how it would have been a few years back. So if you are thinking of buying a new bike this year there are a few things you need to know that will better prepare you for a smooth purchasing experience and make sure you avoid any frustration.


Lots of bikes, lots of people wanting bikes

The bike boom that began during the first lockdown of 2020 has continued, demand for bikes is still extremely high and while bike manufacturers have done a great job of stepping up their production there is only so far this can be grown in a short period of time. What this means for someone buying a bike in 2021 is that there is still a wide range of bikes available but the competition for these is a little greater. Bikes sell fast with many bikes being pre-sold to customers before they even arrive in stores. All good bike shops will have planned orders that most likely already extend beyond 2022 and customers are being matched to this pending stock as it becomes available. This means that in some cases shops won’t have the exact model size and colour on display for you to see or try before purchase and it may be necessary to commit to the purchase ahead of the bike arriving in store. However, any good bike shop will be highly experienced in selecting and sizing bikes and will check size and fit on collection to be 100% certain the bike you ordered is right for you.


Be flexible or be prepared to wait

Sometimes you’ll walk through the door of the bike shop and see exactly what you wanted but usually there will be a little more work involved.

If you’ve spent some time scouring the internet, watching YouTube or reading bike magazines you may already have had your head turned by a particular brand or model, but with the bike market moving so fast and availability shifting rapidly getting fixed on one bike can lead to disappointment.  We’d advise anyone looking for a smooth and happy purchasing experience to stay flexible. Rather than getting excited about a single bike, think instead about the features you are looking for and the type of riding you are intending to do. Keep an open mind and stay open to ideas and exploring new possibilities. Most importantly, talk through your options with the bike shop.  Selling a bike these days can be more like matchmaking with the bike shops playing cupid to help you discover the perfect riding companion. Go armed with information about what riding you want to do, your budget, and what you want from a bike and you’ll be well equipped to find a good match.


Buying, bike matching

So if you walk into our bike shop and it looks a little empty, don’t be fooled, we are selling more bikes than ever before, it’s just these bikes are moving very quickly on to customers with many already having homes to go to before they arrive with us. Our staff are already very skilled at helping customers find the right bike but have now added to this the skill of scouring order planning and supplier availability data to find the best options available to customers to navigate this extra layer of complexity. Availability is changing all the time, with new bikes arriving and being sold every day. The options available will very much depend on what type of bike you are looking for and when you want to buy, but our staff will do their best to help you navigate availability, to find you a great match.


Bikes, bikes, bikes

The good news in all this is that more people are cycling than ever before so our community of cyclists is growing bigger and stronger by the day. Bikes too are getting better, with a huge range of styles available and updates to components and frames that makes riding them easier, more comfortable and more fun. So while the experience of buying a bike might have changed a little, the joy of riding a bike is as good as ever, if not better than ever.


So you want to buy a bike?

If you are looking to buy a bike this year then the best starting point is to talk to us. We have over 20 years experience of producing long and happy matches between riders and bikes. We’ll listen



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