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The range of options can be bewildering and even if you are an experienced cyclist it can still be helpful to have advice when purchasing a new bike. A new bike can also be a major investment, particularly if its an e-bike, so you want to make sure that your money is well spent and that the bike you are buying will be great value, reliable, and offer you many years of enjoyable riding.

We still think that the best way to buy a bike is to visit a good local bike shop where experienced staff can guide you through the options and help you make the best choice. There you can view a range of bikes and be sized accurately by a skilled technician who will be able to answer any questions you have about the models you are considering, show you new bikes and help you explore all your options. 

Summit Cycles

When you buy from us, you don't just get a bike, you get a great bike that's right for you, backed up by great service and support from your friendly local bike shop. You'll have the added peace-of-mind that comes with buying a bike built by a manufacturer with a reputation for quality and a solid manufacturer warranty.  We only sell only bikes from brands we know and trust, brands like Trek, Specialized, the biggest and best known names in the cycle business, brands who have built their reputation on innovation, reliability, quality and first class customer care. 

If you are thinking of buying a new bike, you can learn a more about buying from us and what we offer on this page and if you still have any questions then please do get in touch. You'll find our contact details at the bottom of this page.

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When you buy a bike, you want to be sure that your money is well spent, and by buying a bike from a quality brand with a long history of delivering great bikes and excellent customer service you can be confident you can have confidence that your purchase is well made and well supported. There are lots of resource is online to help you choose a good bike reviews blogs YouTube videos but there is a reason most bike companies still recommend visiting a good bike shop to make your purchase.

When you come to us to buy a bike, we will ask you questions about what you want from a bike, where you want to ride, and what kind of riding you would like to do. With years of expertise in matching riders with their perfect bike, we can help walk you through the available options and guide you to the bike that's right for you. With a huge range of bikes in stock and test models available, we have everything ready to help navigate the choices and lead you to a great bike purchase that will serve you well and help you make the most of every ride.

With your bike chosen, a member of our team will then carefully check sizing and specification options to ensure your chosen bike that is the best possible fit for you, ensuring the best performance and comfort when you ride. In store we always have a range of bikes available to try for size and if required, specialist bike fitting measurement tools to accurately ascertain the best fitting bike for you.

We carry hundreds of bikes in stock covering every style of riding, with new stock arriving all of the time. Beyond this we can access thousands more from our suppliers many of which can be available with us in just a few days. The range of options available these days is vast, however our team know the bikes we sell very well, our team are all keen riders themselves and have a detailed knowledge of the bikes we sell. They will be able to explain each model’s features, fit and design and walking you through the individual merits of the bikes you are considering. Choosing a bike is never easy but with our help we aim to make this journey a simple, straight forward, clear and enjoyable as possible. We believe that buying a new bike should be fun, and riding it even more so.

Once you have chosen a bike, it's time to look at what else you might need to go with it. We want to make sure that everyone who leaves our store is properly prepared and ready to ride. We want to make sure that everyone gets the most from their new bike. There are always additional things you will need. This could be clothing like a proper pair of padded cycling shorts, assential safety equipment like a helmet or gloves, a lock to secure your bike or a small tool pack and spares so you are ready to deal with a puncture when it happens. While it's tempting to just grab your new bike and go, a little extra time spent in checking you have all that you need can make sure that you are properly ready to ride in comfort, with the essentials you need to help you make the most of your riding time.

We recommend thinking of essential extras as part of your bike purchase, often they can be as important as the bike itself and it's very frustrating to find yourself rushing around searching for these things when you could be out enjoying your bike.

When you've chosen your bike you can either pay outright, or a deposit will secure your bike for pre-collection processing. We also offer a range of payment options including Klarna *(pay in 3), Finance *(V12 Retail Finance, including 0% and interest bearing options dependent on term) and we work with all major providers of cycle to work schemes. If you are looking at finance options or to purchase via a cycle to work scheme we recommend that you get in touch so we can advise you on the specific terms and requirements of your chosen method of payment. Cycle schemes can take a little time to process depending on the scheme that your employer offers but we can get your bike ready while you wait and a (refundable) deposit will secure your chosen bike. More information on cycle to work schemes can be found on our cycle to work scheme page.
<br *[Purchase via any finance option is subject to status and credit checks by the issuing finance provider. Please see provider websites for full details. ] **[Purchase via Cycle to Work Scheme is subject to the terms of the scheme and acceptance by the provider. Bikes are not released for collection until full payment has been made to us by the issuing provider. For details please see our Cycle to Work Scheme page.]

If the bike you have chosen is in stock we can begin processing right away. All bikes built by us are assembled by a properly trained CYTEC qualified cycle technician, who will carefully assemble and cheque the bike for function and safety. Each bike must pass a multi-point pre-delivery assembly cheque and be test ridden by a member of our team so you can have peace of mind knowing it is professionally built to the highest standard, thoroughly safety-checked and 100% ready to ride. If you have chosen additional accessories like mudguards or a bike rack these will also be fitted. Once this is done the bike will be ready for collection and we will contact you to arrange a convenient time for you to pick up your bike.

When you come to collect your bike we will perform a final sizing and fit check to ensure you are happy with the frame size chosen and that all personal adjustments like saddle and bar height height are set just right for you. Collection will also trigger the warranty activation process for your bike with the manufacturer. These days, most manufacturers require you to complete registration directly with them via their website in order to fully activate a bicycle warranty. We recommend that all customers take time to do this and do it promptly as it will unlock the full potential, support and backup offered by the manufacturer.

If you paid a deposit the balance of your purchase will be required on collection. If you have arranged finance or are purchasing via a cycle to work scheme we will require the processing of these to be fully completed before you collect your new bike.

With your new bike ready, built and safety checked you are all ready to go. This is where the fun really starts but we hope it won’t be the last we see of you. When you buy from us you get more than just a bike, you get the support of a dedicated local bike shop at the heart of our cycling community. Our ongoing commitment to offering the best products and advice to help you make the most of your cycling and of course a range of workshop services to help keep your bike in tip-top condition. Every new bike we sell is and you cycling journey and we stay with you on your way.

If you are new to cycling you will no doubt have many more questions as you begin to use your new bike. We can help provide answers or point you in the right direction to help you learn as you go and find the things you need to make the most of your cycling. We can advise on clothing, storage and accessories to enhance youir bike, and of course, important cycle care and maintenance product that you will require to care for your bike and keep it running smoothly for years to come.

How and where you store your bike can make a big difference to its health and lifespan. Our team are always happy to help and advise on caring for your new purchase, we can direct you to helpful information on cleaning, basic upkeep and care and we stock a wide range of bike care products, lubes, cleaners and care equipment. Just ask a member of our team for advice.

After you've ridden your bike for a while it's advisable to return it to us for a quick check and tune up. When you buy from us, we will explain this in more detail during the bike handover process but the it’s worth noting now that after a little riding some bolts and parts like gear and brake cables can ‘bed-in’ a little so it's important to have the trained mechanic give your bike a quick check over, adjust gears if necessary and check the torque of primary fittings. When this should be done will depend on how much you are riding your bike. Again, it is best to talk to our staff who will advise you on this when you collect your new bike or you can contact a member of our team for advice at any time.

Problems do sometimes arise with your new bike and when they do we are here to help put them right as quickly and as painlessly as possible. This is where buying a bike from a local bike shop can really pay off. Our team are dedicated to ensuring we keep you rolling and help you with any issues that arise with your new purchase. We have the best equipped cycle workshop in West Wales and a team of CYTEC trained mechanics ready to help. Our workshop is accredited by key component manufacturers like Shimano and SRAM and we carry specialist service equipment plus a wide range of spare parts and consumables to support all major components brands.

Buying a quality bike means a solid product warranty covering both materials and factory assembly. Individual terms are dependent on the model that you purchase and the brand but as an authorised agent we are equipped and qualified to identify issues and provide the full range of warranty support and services that the manufacturer offers on your purchase.

Bikes have become very complicated these days, and E-bikes bring an added level of complexity and sophistication to the bicycle, making it even more important to ensure that you have the support and backup of expert technicians. Good care and regular servicing will ensure you protect your investment. In our experience a little regular service work can prevent much greater remedial work down the road. You can buy with confidence knowing that our expert service, backup and support will be available to ensure your new bike gives you many years of enjoyable riding.

Summit cycles has, for over 20 years, been Aberystwyth’s local bike shop hub. We are proud to be part of this cycling community we serve and to continue helping cyclists on their cycling journey. Our passion is cycling, we all right, love our bikes and sharing our enthusiasm for cycling with others. As part of a vibrant local community of cyclists, mountain bikers, road riders, gravel and adventure enthusiasts, we are committed to delivering the very best experience we can offer for all who cycle and use our services. We want to make sure that every bike purchased from us brings years of good service and many great cycling adventures. We are committed to bikes and firmly believe they bring better health and wellbeing to the community, they enrich people’s lives and deliver travel and transport opportunities that are gentler on the planet.

We believe in bikes and we only sell bikes we believe in, built well by brands that we know and trust, brands who have, like us, built their reputations on quality and service and share our commitment to cycling and the health of our cycling community and our planet.

Our website lists a range of bikes we offer that are available from stock now but this is by no means everything on offer. Beyond this the brands we work with carry many more that we just wouldn’t have room for, many of which are available in just a few days. We also haves a planned schedule of deliveries arriving daily that won’t be visible on our site. This means there are usually a good range of options available to cover all types of cycling and styles of bike. By all means browse our website and take a look at the bikes, you’ll also find lots more bikes and information on the manufacturer websites but we still firmly believe that a bike is a very personal thing and the best first step in finding that bike that’s just right for you is to talk to a member of our team. Not only do we have years of experience of successful bicycle matchmaking but we know the merits of each model and by learning more about you and your specific personal requirements can give the advice and help you navigate the often bewildering range of options.

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It doesn't matter if you are looking for your first bike, or your ultimate dream bike, Summit Cycles can help you navigate the options to find a bike that's just right for you. Our friendly experienced team are all keen cyclists with a passion for bikes, we ride and love to share our enthusiasm for bikes by helping others make the most of their time in the saddle. 


You can email us using [email protected] call us on 01970 626061 or why not visit our Aberystwyth store at 65 North Parade where you will find a great range of bikes and the latest cycle kit along with friendly, helpful staff to guide you to the right purchase.

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Excellent range of bikes and products. Knowledgable staff, excellent service. Will always use Summit. [5 stars]

Ian - May 2022

As always, a thoroughly professional service. I have been using this bike shop for 20 years+. Amazing.

Nichole - May 2022