e-Bike Demo & Discovery Day

Saturday 14th July

On Saturday 14th July we are holding an ebike Discovery and Demonstration day at the store, where you can try an ebike free of charge.

There will be bikes available from both Trek and Specialized with shop staff and brand representatives on hand to talk about ebike ownership and answer any questions that you may have.

The following bikes will be available to try on the day:


To Be Confirmed


We advise customers to book demo slots in advance, this can be done by either visiting, calling or emailing the store. Demo periods will be hourly starting at 9am with the last bikes going out at 4pm. When you contact us to book a demo ride we can advise on sizing to make sure we have a bike that is the right fit for you.

We start from the store opening at 9am, with the last demo at 4pm.

Even if you are just intrigued to find out what these bikes can offer and are not considering a purchase, we urge you to come along, learn more and decide for yourself if an ebike could be for you.

If you have any further questions then please get in touch, we’ve added a little more ebike information below to whet your appetite…

What is an ebike?

Ebikes are pedal cycles which benefit from assistance from a quiet and powerful electic motor. This means you can travel faster, further and in greater comfort for much less physical effort. You’ll arrive sooner and be less tired and fatigued by your journey. The faster acceleration offered by an eBike allows you to pull away quickly and confidently at junctions but ebikes are also free to take advantage of all cycle-specific transport routes giving you access to more of the transport network.

What are the benefits?

The big attraction of ebikes for many people is their ability to tackle hills with easy and comfort, their capability in this area will become clear to anyone who comes along to the demo event as Aberystwyth offers ample opportunity to explore some hilly terrain.

Riders often speak of hills “disappearing” when riding their eBike but don’t be fooled into thinking you can’t get good exercise on an ebike, with the press of a button you can adjust the level of assistance the motor delivers to vary the level of exertion and perfectly match your ride to your fitness goals.

Ebike Prices and running costs

While the initial outlay for an ebike is higher than for a traditional bike you can save in the long term as electric charging costs are negligible and running costs similar to a standard pedal cycle. The ebikes we stock at Summit Cycles currently start from around £2100 with the potential to save over other forms of transport in terms of ongoing running costs. We also offer purchase finance options so you can split the load of payment for your new bike. In terms of daily running costs when using the bike for a town commute, ebikes cost on average about 8-12p per mile to run compared with bus journeys at 20-40p, train at 20-60p and a small car can be 30 to as much as 150p per mile!

Ebikes and the law

Currently there is no Red Tape to ebike ownership as current UK legislation categorises them as a bicycle with no licencing or insurance requirements. In the UK, motor assistance is limited to a top speed of 25 kmph (15.5mph) by UK law, so all UK sold ebikes automatically cease to offer further assistance beyond this speed but you can still add your own steam. However 25kmph translates to being a fair lick about town and an impressive rate to climb on any kind of gradient. For comparison it was recently revealed that the average speed of traffic across central London was just 7.8mph. So, you can be quicker, avoid the queues, arrive less stressed and take in some fresh air on the way.

How far can they go?

With modern high performance batteries, many good quality ebikes are able to achieve up to 100km or more on a single charge in eco mode. While in hilly areas such as Wales we may expect less, good quality modern ebikes feature in-built battery optimisation technology to ensure you make best use of available charge, allowing you to complete your planned ride with power to spare.

Ebike Types

With town ebikes, leisure ebikes, super commuters, adventure and mountain bikes all available, ebikes now come in a wide range of styles that mean you can easily find to fit whatever riding goals you may have.

More information

View bikes on manufacturer websites : Trek  |  Specialized





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