Frog Bikes (and why we love them)

Posted on: 03/11/2020 at 11:17am

We’ve seen a few kids bikes in our time and many of our team have watched our own kids make the journey from first teetering turns to confident riders so we know a thing or two about what works. We’re also mad crazy enthusiastic about bikes so anything that’s going to help kids progress confidently on two wheels is going to be something we get excited about.

But we need to be honest, the kids bikes we saw didn’t always inspiring us. Many were a little overweight making them a little challenging for smaller riders to navigate, they also often featured components that were ill-matched to smaller riders with adult size brake levers that were tricky for small hands or cranks so wide you had to ride cowboy style.

The increase in popularity of balance bikes was very welcome. These pedal-less scoot along bikes allowed young riders to learn the essential skills of motion on a bicycle, those of balance and steering, without the added complication of pedals. With balance bikes kids rapidly gain confidence and skill and are soon ready to progress to their first balance bike. Sadly it was often difficult to keep up the momentum of this progress as riders moved to their first pedal bikes that were often more heavy and challenging to ride.

Enter the kids light-bike revolution. We first saw a few premium brands enter the market with lighter kids designs around 10 year ago but these were premium products with premium price tags and none had yet taken child focussed design to the point of matching every component to the size and requirements of the rider that it was intended for.


Frog was the first brand to really tie together the pieces of the puzzle, combining quality and child driven design in a lightweight and affordable package that was durable enough to withstand the rigours of daily riding and the knocks and scrapes that come while learning.

The brainchild of wife & husband team Shelly & Jerry Lawson, Frog bikes came into being when the Lawsons realised there was nothing on the market that delivered what they wanted for their own children. This inspired them to leave their corporate careers in 2013 to embark on a mission to build the best kids bikes on the market today, a journey that has brought them multiple design awards and a dealer base that now extends to over 1800 stores worldwide and an enthusiastic following from thousands of grateful parents who have seen their own kids progress more rapidly on these superbly made, affordable little bikes.

Better still, what makes us doubly enthusiastic  about these bikes (and maybe a little glowing with Welsh pride), is that they are assembled right here in Wales in Frogs award winning factory in Pontypool.

Frog Range

From the tiny Tadpole Mini balance bike up to drop bar road bikes for young adults, Frog have a bike to suit every rider.


Balance bikes

**Please note: Frog have recently updated the prices on their balance bikes at short notice. The new price above may differ from recently advertised prices on social media but these prices are correct at time of publishing. [Tadpole Mini: £170, Tadpole: £190, Tadpole+: “200] – 06/10/20

The tiny tadpole mini gives an option for the smallest of riders while the tadpole and tadpole plus offer sizes to cover riders up to the even the largest toddler. The addition of a brake gives riders the opportunity to learn speed control as they ride and adds an extra degree of safety into the design. These bikes feature all pneumatic tyres (air filled) to give a smooth and comfortable ride with quality moving parts that can be depended on to give years of happy scooting.


First Pedal Bikes

Simplicity is the name of the game with a first pedal bike. With no gears to complicate matters, kids soon learn the art of pedal and balance, introducing speed control via 2 dependable v-brakes that come equipped with rider size appropriate levers. Crank size and width is matched perfectly to rider size to ensure the fit and performance of the bike and the chain is guarded around the front chainwheel to help avoid snagging clothing.  These bikes help riders swiftly progress and gain confidence on two wheels.

“My son and daughter both learned to ride on this bike. He was first and she inherited the bike a couple of years later. Our Frog has been brilliant. Both kids initially started on a balance bike but were soon ready to move on and the real challenge came when it was time to take on pedal propulsion.

It seemed counter intuitive but we fitted stabilisers for a short while to let them get the hang of how the pedals work. These soon came off and after a couple of wobbly attempts were soon away and zooming around confidently. “

The bike looks as good today as when the wrapping was first torn off under the tree. And we now have two confident young riders from a single bike so our little pink Frog gets a big thumbs up from the Bragg family. “

– Toby Bragg





Hybrid (all round) Bikes

The backbone of the Frog cycles offering is its range of hybrid bikes. These are general purpose bikes that are great for knocking around the park, riding to school and with family and friends. While these bikes are great for this their trump card is their ability for riders to progress on them. Their geometry is tuned for riders to get the most from their input, making longer rides more comfortable and easy to achieve.

Like their first pedal bikes, Frog treat every single model size with great attention to detail, making sure that every aspect of the bike is tuned to its riders size. This means wheel size, handlebars, stem, saddle and cranks are all chosen specifically to fit their rider. This tuning allows riders to get the very best comfort, feel and fit from their bike and is one of the reasons we love Frog.

You don’t have to take our word for it either. We’ve seen so many young riders progress on these bikes that the results speak for themselves. And as to the versatility of these bikes, we’ve seen them ridden to school, on family camping trips and even raced!

The hybrid range spans a wide range of bike and wheel sizes for riders just progressing on from their first pedal bike through to those who’ll soon be looking to choose their first adult model.  The build and component quality makes these bikes exceptional value for money and the reputation of the brand means you can also depend on a healthy resale value when it eventually comes time to pass on the bike.


Road and Mountain Bikes

Frog’s range goes beyond general purpose bikes into performance mountain and road models. Frog offer road and track bikes that give a still versatile dropped bar option for aspiring racers.

The mountain bikes are true Jr cross country racing thoroughbreds. Built light and tough with a quality suspension fork and disc brake, geometry tuned for those big off-road adventures or local XC races. Frog have engineered an affordable, great quality, performance kids MTB that’s impressively light and tough for its price tag.

Style & Size

That all important question… “What’s the right bike style and size for my child?”

There is no one simple answer so like Frog we think its important to treat every child individually. One child can often fit multiple sizes of bike in a range of styles so choosing the right one can often seem like a daunting task.

The simple solution – talk to us. Our staff have years of experience in selecting the right bike to ensure great progress and that all important grin. We have years of experience to draw upon when sizing up bikes and will ask helpful questions about how and where its likely to be ridden that will help us lead you to the right decision.  Frog use rider inside leg length as a starting point but stress that its what a dealer adds in terms of experience and expertise that will ultimately lead to finding the right bike.

Most importantly many of us are parents too so we’ve been in same position and know how to navigate the choppy waters of buying a bike for a rapidly growing child to gain the best possible use and value from it.


Buying from us

Buy a Frog from us and we’ll make sure your experience is a good one. We’ve 20+ years of 5 star customer service behind us and stand by everything we sell. Frog is a brand that our own kids have grown up on, we trusted our little one’s first cycling experiences to Frog so we know you won’t be disappointed. These are great bikes, made with love that really work. They offer outstanding value and performance for their price tag and are tough enough to withstand the bumps, bruises and occasional grazed knees of a young rider’s progress.


Giving a bike for Christmas

There’s no better gift in our opinion and we’ve a good stock of Frog bikes available with more arriving each week on the run up to Christmas but please note, with Covid19 restrictions limiting peoples exercise options bikes are in great demand this year so we recommend that if you are thinking about giving a bike that you talk to us and reserve something as soon as possible.

  • 10% Deposit reserves any bike
  • Our CYTEC qualified mechanics will assemble and safety check it
  • We’ll then store it built and ready-to-ride for Christmas collection

You’ll also get a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty and the backup & support that you’d expect from a local bike shop with 20+ years of delivering 5 star service.




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