Go by bike

Go by bike

Go by bike

Ride bikes, have fun, feel good.

Doing your bit for the planet (and yourself) doesn't have to be a chore. It should be no surprise to anyone that we at Summit Cycles have been long time advocates of the positive benefits of cycling, but riding bikes is also our passion so we know implicitly the power that bikes have to enrich people's lives, to empower them and make them happier and healthier humans. It's a rare occasion indeed for us to finish a ride feeling worse then when we started, and from the first moment the pedals start turning you can enjoy the feeling of free motion that cycling offers. Makes you more aware, heightening your senses and connecting you more closely with your surroundings.  Even on the shortest rides. 

For your health

Fresh air and exercise are good enough reasons, but cycling also reduces stress and benefits your mental well being. If you have a busy life, it can be hard to find time to exercise but the good thing about cycling is that many people can fit it into their daily routine just by choosing to ride rather than drive or take the bus for their short transport journeys. By replacing a car bus or train Johnny with one made by bike you are not only improving your health but doing something good for the planet.

Modern cycle clothing provides great protection against the elements, and there is a range of great accessories cycle luggage, bike security and storage options to help make your daily ride easy.

Cycle to work

Employers are waking up to the benefits of having staff who cycle. They are more alert, healthier, take less sick time and more productive, and so employers are keen to reap these benefits and foster cycle culture in the workplace. One way that this is being done is through offering ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme access. Cycle to work schemes are a great router to cycle ownership, offering a government funded tax relief scheme to encourage people to buy bicycles. You get a discounted bike and the ability to pay for it in instalments taken straight from your pay packet, the employer in return gets a happier, healthier and more focussed workforce.

You can find out more about cycle to work schemes on our Cycle to Work Scheme page.

I would but...

“It’s hard work”

Try an ebike, a modern ebike provides assistance as you pedal. You get to choose how hard you work with a simple control that varies the input from the motor. Your daily ride can be a leisurely cruise or a full on workout, the choice is at your fingertips.

“It’s the hills, I just can’t get up them”

The bike is a machine and a very efficient one, it is designed to maximise your input but if your body isn’t used to using the muscles needed for cycling it might take a little while to acclimatise. Also, if you are going to tackle steep hills you need to make sure you have a bike that has the right gears to do this. If you are in doubt about your bike or what bike to choose for the terrain you want to ride in then talk to an experienced rider or your local bike shop. Having the right gearing can make all the difference.


“No it really is the hills”

If you really can’t face them, a modern ebike is a great solution. An ebike will provide assistance, multiplying your efforts significantly to allow you to breeze up hills like you are sauntering along the prom.


“The weather is always ghastly”

Here in Wales we get our fair share of skywater so you can be forgiven for shunning the occasional ride due to a fierce downpour. However we maintain the position that it always looks worse from your front window than from the saddle of your bike. You’ve probably heard the saying, “There’s no bad weather, only a bad choice of clothing” and this sits well here. Modern cycle clothing provides you with your own personal micro-climate to allow you to keep riding however cold, wet and windy it gets. Dress well and you’ll ride happy in all weathers. And if you need advice on what to wear then come and see us. We stock a wide range of cycle clothing for road, mountain, sport, commute, leisure, and adventure and are happy to share our advice and tips on what to wear.


“Aren't the roads dangerous?”

The majority of motorists are extremely courteous and these days very aware of cyclists on the road. Modern cycle clothing is very visible and there are even daytime running lights to make sure you are seen as you ride. But if you still don’t feel confident on the roads there are other options. Here in West Wales we are blessed with something of a cycling mecca (shhh! They’ll all want to come.). We have many hundreds of miles of traffic free cycle routes, forest road, tracks and trails that can be explored with the right bike. From a leisurely two wheeled stroll up the Ystwyth Trail to a full on gravel adventure, there is no shortage of adventure away from the smoke and fumes of the main roads.

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