Peaty's Drivetrain Brush Single

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Keep your bicycle in top shape with the Peaty's Drivetrain Brush Single. Designed to alleviate the hassle and discomfort of cleaning your bike's drivetrain, this tool is a must-have for any cycling enthusiast.

Known for its superior design, the Peaty's Drivetrain Brush features an innovative angled head that moves your hand away from the cassette. No more scraped knuckles! The chisel-cut handle end is designed to proficiently scrape gunk away from jockey wheels, offering unequivocal cleanliness for your drivetrain.

Designed to deliver a robust clean, the brush boasts stiff, durable bristles including a uniquely designed, low middle channel allowing the chain to sit comfortably within. This design enables stronger bristle action in the centre for tough scrubbing. Additionally, the outer bristles are softer and longer, ensuring the sides of the chain are thoroughly cleaned.

Adding a touch of class, the brush is crafted from waxed beech wood and proudly features Peaty's laser etched logo on the handle. This not only marks the quality and craftsmanship that the product represents but also adds a touch of style to your cycling toolkit.

Incorporate the Peaty's Drivetrain Brush into your cleaning routine and take the hurdle out of bike maintenance, while ensuring a long and efficient life for your bicycle.

Get your Peaty's Drivetrain Brush now and experience a hasty and thorough bike cleaning like never before!

Brand Peaty's
Barcodes 5060541583474
SKUs / Part Numbers PT-PBR-DTN-1

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