Peaty's LinkLube Wet 60ml

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Transform your bicycle chain with Peaty's LinkLube Wet. This is more than just a chain lube, it's a performance enhancer for your bicycle, especially designed to endure the toughest of weather conditions. This wet weather chain lube is a unique, biodegradable fusion of oils, waxes and powerful corrosion inhibitors.

Compared to its All-Weather variant, LinkLube Wet packs a higher proportion of waxes and corrosion inhibitors, making your chain run smoother and quieter, even during long, relentless rides under the heaviest of rain. This increased durability reduces the need for regular reapplications, saving you time and money.

Peaty's LinkLube Wet is not only high-performing, but eco-friendly too, thanks to its easily biodegradable composition. So you can keep your ride smooth and the environment clean, all in one go. Its Irish coffee scent is a stimulating bonus, providing a pleasant aroma during those long, arduous winter rides.

The smoked black bottle adds an air of uniqueness to your bike maintenance kit and allows for easy differentiation from the rest of the range. Available in various sizes, from a small, portable 15ml to a larger, longer-lasting 120ml, you can choose the size that best suits your needs and frequency of cycling.

Experience the difference with Peaty's LinkLube Wet and give your chain the treatment it deserves, because every link matters.

Brand Peaty's
Barcodes 5.06054E+12, 5060541581890
SKUs / Part Numbers PT-PWL-60

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