Peaty's Foaming Drivetrain Degreaser 500ml Bottle

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Revolutionise your ride with Peaty's Foaming Drivetrain Degreaser, a must-have solution for every cyclist. This high-strength, bike-specific degreaser excels at tackling stubborn grime for swift and effective drivetrain cleaning, all the while being considerate to both your bike and the environment.

Composed of a vigorous biodegradable formula, this cutting-edge product has been specifically engineered to combat heavy-duty dirt and lubricants that regularly accumulate during your cycling adventures, but without disrupting waterproof bearing greases.

In just three easy steps, transform your ride:

  1. Generously spray the cassette. As you cycle the chain backwards, a layer of cleaning foam will begin to form and work its magic on the grime. Apply directly to other parts such as crank arms, derailleur bodies or jockey wheels for comprehensive cleaning.
  2. Agitate stubborn dirt, let the product soak for two minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  3. For finishing touches, dry the chain using a clean cloth and apply Peaty’s LinkLube.

This superior Foaming Drivetrain Degreaser is ideal for your regular bike maintenance - ensuring your drivetrain is always running smoothly and efficiently. For heavy-duty degreasing and total removal of all greases and waxes, consider the formidable companion product from Peaty's, the XXX Solvent Degreaser.

To summarise, the Peaty's Foaming Drivetrain Degreaser is your best choice for effective, regular drivetrain cleaning, while being kind on precious bearing greases. It's not just a product, it's a pathway to superior cycling experience!

Sizes 500ML BOTTLE
Brand Peaty's
Barcodes 5.06054E+12, 5060541580282
SKUs / Part Numbers PT-PD-500

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