Staff Picks – Our Festive Favourites

Posted on: 17/12/2020 at 10:48am

As you’ve probably gathered, we’re bike nuts, and being immersed in the world of bikes for our working lives and much of our spare time you get to know what works and what doesn’t. These days we are spoilt for choice, with so many great products that pretty much cover every possible cycling need we certainly don’t suffer from lack of options. Yet being around bikes, riding them, messing with them, riding, testing, tuning and tampering you do get to develop a feel for what really works and also the odd soft spot for the things that really stand out.

With this in mind we asked our team to each pick for us two festive favourites at different price levels. Things they’d not only recommend but would be their first choices to gift a riding buddy, things they’d love to receive themselves…. well, that is if they didn’t already own them.

First up, the youngest of our team but he’s definitely not short on experience, Rowan’s been riding bikes since he could first drag himself upright. We’d say he’s got some keen bike skills but none of us has been able to keep up with him long enough to verify it.

Rowan’s Pick


Endura MT500 Full Face Helmet £190.00 – “My go to for laps of Dyfi Bike Park, but also good for Enduro trail riding.” More info…


Fox Main Goggles £32.00 – “Great value & perfect for any sort of trail riding with open or full face helmets. ”



Next up we have Sion our lead technician. Sion knows the tools that makes his workday and rides easier so it’s no surprise his picks are for bike health.



Sion’s Pick


M-Part Torque wrench £50 – “Perfect for the home mechanic, make sure you don’t over tighten delicate bike parts”


Slug Plug Tubeless repair kit £10 – “Essential quick and easy repairs for all bikes running tubeless tyres.” More info…

We return to the shop floor where Gaz, our sales supremo gives us an idea of what he might want in his stocking if he had actually had the will power not to have not bought this stuff already…..

Gaz’s Pick


Ortlieb First Aid kit £25 –  “Outdoor waterproof kit for the unexpected. Essential for anyone & everyone.” More info…


Ortlieb Fork Mount Pack £50 – “Perfect fork mount bag, ideal for bikepacking, adventure or a Picnic on the Ystwyth Trail.” More info…


Back to the workshop we go for the selection of Jim B. our wandering cycle stoic.



Jim B’s Pick


Bontrager Flare RT rear light £45 – “This is just a great light. It’s really bright so cars see you from miles off and that’s exactly what you need. It’s rechargeable USB so you can easily keep it topped up. Through rain and mud it hasn’t let me down.” More info…


SP Dynamo front hub £150 – “Dynamo front hub that can be built up for almost any bike. It can power lights or charge phones & GPS units on the go, how’s that for the self sufficient ride.”



Next its El Jefe’s turn. Nobody will be that surprised half of his selection is tooling up for his other love, that of a fine, flame grilled stone bake. The suspect the other item is possibly chosen just to guarantee the matches stay dry to light the oven 🙂



Joe’s Pick


Park Pizza Cutter £18.00 – “Bikes + Pizza. Nuff said.”


Endura MT500 Waterproof Jacket £230 – “Hi spec Dyfi tested waterproof jacket for winter riding.” More info…



Returning to the workshop we go to Nathan for a little more bike love….


Nathan’s Pick


Park Chain wear indicator £15 – “Replace your chain before it wears out & you’ll save money on chainrings & cassettes. Stick one of these in your tool box and check your chain now and again and it will save you a heap in the long run.”


Endura Singletrack Onesie £200 – “Ride all winter in this, it’s basically an all in one waterproof suit. This has to be design inspired by riding in Wales”



And last but not least its over to our store manager Jim Haddon for our final selection. Jim casually slays his cycle commute in weather that would have most of us reaching for the car keys so he knows a thing or two about staying safe & seen on a bike. He’s also our resident bike fitter so we’re sure his choices have been meticulously calibrated for their efficiency and come backed up by some impressive graphs of empirical data.



Jim H’s Pick


Specialized Stix LED Tail or Head light £28 – “Super practical USB rechargeable LED with Red or White settings.” More…


Specialized Torch 1 Road shoe £95 – “A great fitting performance road shoe with BOA closure.” More…




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