The Bikes

We work hard in selecting our bike ranges, choosing only brands we know will deliver the very best products year after year. We are long term partners with some of cycling’s biggest brands including industry leaders Trek and Specialized to deliver a comprehensive range of bikes to cover all ages, abilities and riding styles.

We pride ourselves on the knowledge and expertise of our staff, each highly trained and able to offer the best possible advice to ensure you find the right bike for your needs.

As riders ourselves we want bikes that perform in the real world, and it’s this ride after ride dependability that we hope to bring our customers, ensuring many happy miles of easy and enjoyable cycling.

We place safety before all else and if you buy a bike from us you can be sure it has been rigorously checked on assembly so that you can be confident it will perform perfectly on the road or trail.

All bikes need regular care and maintenance and that’s why we offer as standard a free first service voucher with every bike sale to get you off on the right track. Our workshop is manned by skilled Cytech accredited technicians with a wealth of product technical knowledge spread across cycling’s many disciplines. Alongside our workshop we also stock a wide range of tools, parts, cleaners and lubes to help keep your pride and joy running as sweetly as the day it rolled out of our workshop.

We offer bikes through Cycle to Work scheme and also have Credit Finance options available for bike purchases.

Our Bike Brands



trek_logo_2016Trek bikes have been in our store since the first day we first opened. Their continual drive to improve the humble bicycle is what ensures we are never disappointed with the range. Trek offer innovative and dependable bikes across a full range of modern cycling disciplines which ensures we can always the perfect bike for your needs. Manufacturing bicycles since 1975, Trek have become one of the worlds largest and best loved cycle brands.  Based from their manufacturing facility in Wisconsin USA Trek distribute to over 90 countries worldwide.



Specialized manufactured the worlds first mass production mountain bike and have been involved with the sport since its conception.  These days their range extends far beyond just mountain and road bikes but everything they build carries something of their heritage and expert knowledge gleamed from years on the forefront of cycle development.  Their range covers mountain, road, commute, tour and urban and includes both women specific and children’s bikes. In recent years they have been pioneers in the use of carbon fibre in both road and mountain bike frames and manufacture everything from entry level to high performance cycles.

logo_santacruzSanta Cruz

Since 1993 Santa Cruz bicycles have been building bikes that have challenged existing trends in mountain biking.  With an ethos of ‘simple advanced’ Santa Cruz have designed to offer outstanding riding characteristics and easy handling in a bike that’s technically advanced.  Known primarily for their suspension designs, they have consistently crafted their maverick approach into new and creative designs that are acclaimed by cycle journalists and hugely popular with riders.


Frog were born from the idea that children’s bikes should be light enough for their riders to manage easily.  With some children’s models weighing as much as their riders, bike weight and manageability was clearly a big hurdle for the young cyclist. With this in mind Frog set out to develop a range of children’s bikes that were lighter and more accessible. The result is a rage of great value bikes that give children greater freedom to ride, learn and progress.



These UK built bikes are a triumph of innovation, winner of multiple design awards the Brompton folding bicycle with its impressive handling characteristics, compact and easily deployed fold out performs everything in its class. The Brompton design has converted many a naysayer into a die-hard folding bicycle enthusiast.  Part of the charm of this impressive little bicycle is what a joy it is to ride. Its nimble handling injects smiles into the morning commute, folding in seconds to an easily portable or stowable size.  With a range of models, accessories and luggage options your Brompton bike can be chosen and modified to perfectly fit your needs.




Bike Types

The bikes that we sell can be broadly broken down into the following 5 categories, OK, so we missed fixed gear road bikes, rigid single speeds, and a few other oddities, but for the most part these are the most relevant types of bike for the majority of cyclists, be they new to the sport, or transportation element of cycling, or seasoned long haul truckers.


Cyclecross & Touring

bike_icons_roadThese days Cyclocross isn't reserved for off season road racers, the bikes are vastly different from the dedicated race machines of 10 years ago.  With the addition of modern features such as disc breaks and indexed gears and lighter more comfortable frames today's cyclocross bike can be as much a versatile backwoods explorer as a muddy circuit racer. As with cyclocross bikes, touring bikes have also come a long way.  Modern luggage systems make loads more stable and easy to manage while new advancements in frame materials and components make today's tourers lighter and easier to ride.



It's easy to assume that a folding bicycle gains its packing prowess from a heavy compromise in performance.  Not so with today's modern folder as brands like Brompton have already proved, these bikes can be as much a joy to ride as any other.   By their ease of use and compact folded size, a good folding bike can turn a cycle transportation nightmare into a journey you will relish.


bike_icons_hybridHybrid & Commuter

Cycling for transportation has exploded in popularity in recent years.  It's a good choice for the environment and for your health.  It provides low carbon miles to boost your fitness and well-being.  For those of us who have the option, ditching the car and commuting by bike can provide relief from the stresses and strains of the daily grind.  Modern hybrids and commuters are sleek, stylish and well designed to provide a safe and comfortable journey. Bicycle transports essential extras are also greatly improved with modern LED lighting providing excellent visibility and long battery life while todays locks scupper all but the most determined of thieves.



We consider it a mountain bike only if it's up to the job. An off road cycle needs to be tough and ready to take on all that the trails can throw at them. The brands we work with like Trek and Specialized have been making mountain bikes since the fledgling days of the sport so they know a thing or two about building bikes to work, and to last.  Be it a lightweight cross country explorer or hardcore gravity racer you can be sure there is a bike for you.  We carry a range of suspension and hardtail mountain bikes with demonstration bikes available on many popular models.



Be it for fitness, competition, Triathlon or a casual sportive we have bikes to fit all needs. Road bike technology has jumped forward in the last few years with new technology like carbon fibre reducing bike weights to a fraction of what was thought possible just a few years ago.  So of these features don't come cheap so we take care in our recommendation to guarantee you get the best bike to fit your needs.  We have staff trained in bike fitting to make sure your ride is tuned perfectly to your size and style.


bike_icons_kidsChildren's Bikes

Looking for your child's first bike, or they are just growing fast? We have the expertise to help you get the best for your kids. Make sure they get the right start. We’ll help you get the perfect bike

  • Were parents, we know all about kids bikes - some of us even have our own
  • Trade up and resell. They grow fast - one bike wont last forever, well help you to lighten the cost of the upgrade
  • Quality Brands. Its important they get a good start
  • Finance Options. Saving for xmas or looking for assistance

Give us a call, email us or preferably come in and speak to us. We can show you a few option, talk you through the ranges etc. (Remember to measure your child if they aren't coming with you)

Bikes that fit

With the huge amount of choice available today finding the right bike can involve a lot of decisions.  One of the most important aspects of finding the right bike is fit.  Selecting the right size frame (and with mountain and children's bikes also the best fit of wheel size) is crucial to getting the best handling, pedal efficiency and enjoyment from your riding.  Your ride position needs to be comfortable enough for long periods in the saddle and the bike must fit well enough to ensure good handling.

When you buy a bike from Summit Cycles our staff will go through a sizing and fitting process to ensures that you have the right frame size and that all primary ergonomic adjustments like saddle height, handlebar hight and brake lever reach adjustment are set up to suit your size.




Bike fitting.

But bike fitting doesn't end there. For performance cycling there are a multitude of other options, part swaps and adaptations that can be made to make sure that every aspect of your bike is tuned perfectly to fit it's rider.

For this purpose we offer a dedicated bike fitting service.

With bike fit, we offer various levels of service depending on the aspects of fitting that are explored and the depth assessment required.  A basic bike fit consultation will usually last around one hour and involves one of our trained bike fitting specialists measuring and assessing the rider both on and off bike in order to calculate optimal ride and fit positioning. We look initially into the standard ergonomics of positioning, aspects like saddle hight and position, handlebar height and reach adjustment and will offer advice on settings and component options.

For an even more detailed bike fitting we offer the Trek Precision Fit program.  Precision Fit offers a fully tailored solution to help riders maximise performance and comfort.  For more information see the Precision Fit tab on this page.   

If you are interested in a bike fitting consultation please call the store and speak to one of our staff who will be happy to discuss your fitting requirements and quote for a consultation.












Bike fitting is way more than just finding the right sized bike, it has become a precise science built from years of careful measurement and experimentation by the worlds top trainers and athletes.  With this insight, a solid understanding has been gained of how best our physical frame can interact with a bike to deliver maximum performance and comfort.


Summit Cycles currently offer 2 levels of Fit consultation; (1)Ride Tune and Cleat Adjustment,  (2)Trek Precision Fit

(1) Ride Tune and Cleat Adjustment 

Involves an interview and on bike assessment of body position that will highlight any basic sizing, positioning or set up issues that may be better optimised.

Ride Tune is helpful in assessing correct sizing and to check that component choice like saddle, handlebar and stem are all appropriate for the rider.  It offers a simple body positioning tune-up that will help you get the most from an existing or new bike.

Ride Tune offers none of the detailed measuring and assessment of a Precision Fit but is a simple and effective way to highlight any component, sizing or set up issues that may hamper performance.

Ride Tune and Cleat adjustment includes:


  • Discussion about current bike set up and any issues.
  • Turbo trainer analysis, current position checked and evaluated.
  • Bike adjustments made, including ; cleat setup and positioning, seat height, saddle position, bar position and stem length.
  • Saddle discussion and your required saddle width recorded. Saddle type advised.
  • Recommendations of new parts to make your position more comfortable.

Correct cleat positioning plays a key role in comfortable and efficient bike set up. Cleat alignment, adjustment and rider stance width are covered for a single pair of shoes. Setup for additional pairs of shoes can be added at £10 per pair.

Time - aprox. 1 hour 20 minutes.

Price for Ride Tune and Cleat Adjustment on standard road bike: *£65.00

Price for Ride Tune and Cleat Adjustment on Time Trial or Triathlon bike: £85.00

*(This fit is available at the discounted rate of £50 for riders who do not use cleated pedal systems) 



(2) Trek Precision Fit

Trek have worked with cycling's top athletes for many years in development of race winning bikes and technology, their knowledge and expertise in this field is unrivalled.  Trek precision fit takes the knowledge they have gained and applies it to you and your bike, allowing you to benefit from a set of truly personalised individual bike and equipment set up recommendations, designed to increase your comfort, maximise your performance and enhance the enjoyment of your ride.

A Precision Fit consultation lasts around 2 - 3 hours and comprises a detailed physical biometric analysis during which our fit consultant will accurately measure the specifics of your body geometry.  This information is then used to calculate where performance or comfort gains can be made for the rider.

A trek consultation then proceeds with analysis in the following areas:

Starting Position: The starting point for any fitting assessment is an analysis of your existing riding position.

Shoes set up: Including a detailed look at shoe type and pedal fixture,  style of shoes, shoe canting, cleat positioning, crank length and pedal offset.

Lower body: Starting with saddle selection, a crucial area for comfort our consultant will go on to analyse lower body position including leg posture and pedal stroke.

Upper body: Stem height and reach, handlebar width and shape. Our consultant will look at ways to optimise your posture and maximise power output.

Review and follow up:  At the end of your consultation you will receive a document that outlines the findings of the fit consultation and highlights any recommended changes to equipment.  This document will guide you towards applying the recommendations of the fit and will help you make the most of your consultation.  Your fit consultant will also be able to order parts changes and book workshop slots for cycle upgrades and modifications discussed during consultation.

Our full Trek Precision Fit package includes:

  • Interview. A discussion about your current bike set up and sizing, past injuries, and any discomfort experienced whilst riding your bike.
  • Physical evaluation. Involves detailed tests on a rider’s flexibility and available range of movement.
  • Measurements are recorded, allowing the fitter to build up a rider profile.
  • Shoe sizing, cleat alignment and adjustment, and rider stance width, are checked and adjusted.
  • Current bike set up analysed and recorded.
  • Bike review, including turbo trainer analysis and position evaluation.
  • Saddle set up. Saddle width recorded and advised, fore and aft adjusted.
  • Seat height adjusted.
  • Knee Over Pedal Axle measurement and Body Mass Representation analysed and optimised.
  • Stem length and position checked.
  • Handlebar width and position advised.
  • Bike adjustment.
  • Review of adjustments made. New position recorded, along with any recommendations.
  • Personalized Bike Fit report emailed post fit.

Correct cleat positioning plays a key role in comfortable and efficient bike set up. Cleat alignment, adjustment and rider stance width are covered for a single pair of shoes. Setup for additional pairs of shoes can be added at £10 per pair.

Estimated time 2 hours 45 minutes.

Price for Trek Precision Fit on Standard Road Bike - £120.00 

Price for Trek Precision Fit on Time Trial or Triathlon Bike - £140.00 


To discuss or book a Bike Fitting appointment please contact Jim H. in store.