Bike Fitting Services

We all love riding bikes, but sometimes your position can cause pain and discomfort. If you are experiencing issues, then a bike fit can have a hugely positive effect on your enjoyment of your bike. Bike fit is a means of preventing injury and eliminating pain and discomfort. It can help to increase efficiency, improve performance, and enable longer rides. It is also a great benchmark to look at how your current setup works, and to target areas to work on and improve on.

At Summit Cycles we offer two levels of fit service:

Summit Precision Tune: a comprehensive service using turbo trainer analysis, bicycle fitting hand tools, and a laser.

Summit Ride Tune: an overview and adjustment of your position, using a turbo trainer and hand tools.

We don’t offer a fit service using a fitting jig, or computer 3D analysis. We work using all reasonable methods to modify your current bike to fit you better. It is our aim within the fit process to get you set up correctly on the bike you currently own, (although sometimes this is not possible if we determine that the size / geometry of the bike is incorrect for the client.) Jim, our main fitter, has over 20 years of bike shop experience, in which he has sized and aligned many people to bikes. He has been running a comprehensive bike fit service since 2015. He is Trek Precision Fit trained to Level 2 standard. Many modern, high specification road bikes use integrated bars, stems and seat posts, specific to the bike model. Combined with integrated cables and brake hoses, removal and changing of these components is now impossible in a turbo trainer / hand-tool based bike fit. In such cases we can assess the rider’s position and make recommendations on these components based on our conclusions from the session. It won’t be possible for riders to experience how alternative stem / bar combinations will feel within the initial bike fit.

There is more information on each of our fit services below:

Summit Precision Tune

£100.00 *(£135 for Time Trial or Triathlon bikes) - includes:
●Discussion about your current bike sizing and set up, injuries, and any discomfort
experienced whilst riding your bike. Current (pre-fit) bike position measured, analysed, and recorded.
● Turbo trainer analysis, current position checked and evaluated.
● Cleat alignment analysed and adjusted. Rider stance width checked and adjusted*.
● Saddle discussion, your required saddle width recorded. Saddle type advised.
● Bike adjustment; saddle height, saddle position, bar width, bar position, and stem length. *For modern integrated bikes, bar type and stem type are discussed only.
● Recommendations of new parts to make your position more comfortable.
● Fit measurements recorded post fit.
● Photos and a video recorded of pre fit and post fit positions.
● Fit report emailed to client after session.

*Cleat setup is included for a single pair of shoes, setup for additional shoes can be added at £10 per pair. Time trial and triathlon bikes are charged at £135 due to the additional time required in setting up these bikes.

The Summit Precision Tune will give you an insight into your optimum position on your bike, reflecting what your body is comfortable with, and capable of.
Having a bike fitter analyse you on your bike, showing you your current position, explaining why you might feel discomfort, then problem solving to help alleviate issues, can make a real difference to your ride.

Summit Ride Tune

£50 - Includes:
● Discussion about your current bike position, and any discomfort experienced.
● Your current position is checked and evaluated on a turbo trainer.
● Bike adjustment; saddle height, saddle position, bar position, stem height and stem length.
● Saddle discussion and your required saddle width recorded. Saddle type advised.
● Recommendation of new parts to make your position more comfortable.
If you're new to cycling, are unsure as to whether you've bought the correct size bike or have some comfort niggles that you'd like to discuss, then this basic overview and position consultation is a good introduction to getting the most out of your bike.

Bike Fitting Q&A

1. How long does a bike fit last? Precision Tune: 2 hours. Ride Tune: 1 hour. Sometimes we can achieve the desired result in less time, sometimes for complex bikes or fit problems, the fit process can take more than the allotted time.

2. What do I need to bring with me?
Your current bike, a close-fitting cycle jersey or base layer, cycle shorts, the shoes you
currently ride in. For Precision Tune fits please bring a water bottle.
If you cycle here, please ensure you have lights to use to cycle home with.

3. Do you adjust my bike during the session?
We will adjust components that can be easily changed, however in many cases where new handlebars / stems / seat posts are required, we will order components and book your bike into our workshop for fitting.

4. Do I have to purchase new components after a bike fit? It really depends on your individual fit, sometimes no components are required, sometimes several replacement components are recommended. All are recommendations only. We will note all recommendations on your fit report, it is entirely up to you if you would like us to order and fit them for you.

5. I’m worried that I may not like a new saddle or stem that you have recommended. What guarantees do you offer? Our saddles from Bontrager and Specialized both come with a 30-day comfort guarantee. All components from Bontrager also have this guarantee. Along with experiencing / discussing the component within the fit, you’ll also have 4 weeks to ride it. If you’re not getting on with it, we can exchange it for an alternative product.

6. Can I bring in two bikes? No, we can only work on one bike in the fit process. Once we have your measurements, we can transpose these to another bike using our second bike adjust service, which is £35.00.

7. I have two pairs of shoes; can I bring them both in? Yes, for an extra £10, we can adjust cleats on both shoes, to ensure consistency between equipment.

8. I want to purchase a bike, but don’t have one yet. Can I still book a bike fit? Yes, if you let us know in advance, we can use a stock road bike to fit you. We can use the measurements from the fit to help you choose your new bike, and get it set up perfectly from new.

9. Can you diagnose my injuries? Our fit services are not a medical assessment. We will do our utmost to improve your comfort on the bike, but specific injuries should always be addressed by a health professional. We may make recommendations for you to explore treatment with your doctor, physiotherapist, or osteopath.

10. I have a race / event in the very near future, should I book in before this? We advise booking in advance of an event / race / major block of training. The body can take several weeks to adapt to a new position. Often after a positional change a loss of power can occur before the body adapts and becomes accustomed to the new settings. It’s important to let the body adapt by riding at lower intensity for the first few rides. As a result, we do not recommend a fit directly before an event.

11. Can everything be solved and resolved in one session? Occasionally more than one session will be required to reach the intended goal. Follow up fit sessions once a rider has adapted to a new position, or worked on injuries and imbalances, are charged at £50 per hour.

12. I’ve had a fit in the past, and now need my position reviewed and checked, how much will this be? Follow up fit sessions are often needed, particularly if the fit was a few years ago, or if you have changed bikes. We charge on a time basis, at £25 per half hour.