A good workshop is the heart of a good bike shop and we are extremely proud of ours. Every job is done the right way with the right tools.  We are constantly updating our knowledge, tools and procedures to make sure we have everything our technicians need to keep your bike in tip top shape.  With tools from Park USA and other leading manufacturers, our Cytech accredited cycle technicians have everything they need to tackle any task in building, repairing and maintaining your bike.

We carry a large stock of genuine spare parts, service and support items from key cycle component and drivetrain manufacturers such as Shimano and SRAM, and our workshop is fully equipped to carry out any warranty check, backup, or support for all of the brands and products we sell.

We try our best to offer a speedy turn-around but as with any workshop, we are busy at times and demand can be difficult to anticipate, so please call in or phone for a quote on time and cost of your job.

All jobs are billed for parts and labour time and the technical difficulty the job involves. Because we never know what we will discover when we start work on your bike we don’t offer set price servicing but as a guide below you will find a menu of common workshop jobs and their approximate costs.

If you own an EBike that needs service, please check our Workshop Ebike Policy before booking your bike in for service.


Workshop Servicing

We offer 3 levels of bike service; Base, Ridge and Summit. Outlined below is a guide to what is included in each service package.

These bike service packages are inclusive of labour and general lubricants only and do not include any required parts, specialist lubricants or external services (like external shock and fork servicing). Any items such as these will be in addition to the cost of the planned service level.

For bikes with hydraulic disc brakes an additional fee is charged for bleeding/servicing, setup or inspection (see below).

Base Service – £40.00

Safety check and Preventative Maintenance, minor adjustments to brakes and gears. Check over of all components, and recommendations for further maintenance if required.

Ridge  – £80.00

Revitalise your bike’s performance and ward off mechanical issues with a detailed clean, comprehensive lubrication and precise adjustment to all critical components.

Recommended service interval: Every 50 hours of ride time.

Summit  – £140.00

This comprehensive strip, deep clean and rebuild ensures complete system performance and component longevity. Your bike will feel like new with a complete service of all components including bearing systems. *** Full suspension frame bearing replacement, service of suspension components and service of E Bike components, are not included in this cost. Individual pricing for these specific jobs can be added to the Summit service cost.
Non-standard highly specific bikes may be subject to additional labour charges. Our technicians will advise on this prior to any work commencing.

Recommended service interval: Every 100 hours of ride time

 Service tasks included RIDGE SUMMIT
Visual safety inspection & function check.
Full component wear assessment and advisories provided.
Frame, forks and rims cleaned.
Front & rear derailleurs adjusted.
Full drivetrain degrease
Full brake check and adjustment, pad and braking surface wear checked and bleed through.
Lubrication of moving parts as required.
Headset bearings inspected, cleaned, re-greased and replaced if required.
Bottom bracket bearings inspected, cleaned, re-greased and replaced if required.
Full wheel and hub servicing including true and tensioning of wheels and bearing replacement as required.
Fitting of components as required in line with service.
Tyres inspected and inflated.
Components bolts checked and torqued.
Road test.
£80 £140

Other servicing

Labour charges for other workshop jobs are based on time taken and charged at our standard hourly labour rate, any parts required will be charged in addition to this.

Price Guide to individual service tasks

The following gives guideline start prices for some common service tasks. All jobs are quoted to the best of available knowledge but with all jobs we reserve the right to modify and charge based on actual time taken and final work required. Where jobs deviate from quoted work or prices we will always do our best to inform and obtain consent from the customer before we embark upon the work.

 Description Price from…
Bike Assessment for Repair £ 15.00
Bike Wash, Lube and Inspection £ 30.00
Bike Wash/Clean £ 15.00
Bleed Disc Brake £ 20.00
Cable Brake Adjust £ 15.00
Di2 Diagnostic, Inspection & Update £ 35.00
Disc Brake Degrease (no bleed) £ 15.00
E-bike Software Diagnose + Update £ 35.00
First Service £ 20.00
Fit HTII Bottom Bracket & Prep Frame £ 25.00
Fit & Set-up Cycle Computer £ 16.00
Fit Bottom Bracket £ 25.00
Fit Chainset £ 25.00
Fit Cleats £ 15.00
Fit Fender Mudguards £ 10.00
Fit Forks £ 35.00
Fit Headset Bearings (Direct fit) £ 20.00
Fit Headset with cups £ 35.00
Fit Mudguards – Full £ 22.00
Fit New Bar Tape £ 15.00
Fit Pannier Rack F or R £ 15.00
Fit Tubeless Tyre £ 15.00
Fit Tyre &/or Tube Front £ 10.00
Fit Tyre &/or Tube Rear £ 13.00
Fit Tyre &/or Tube Rear Hub Gear/BMX £ 15.00
Fork lower removal, clean, new oil and re-assembly £ 40.00
Full Bike Build £ 175.00
Full Disc Brake Service & Degrease £ 35.00
Full Parts Strip & Degrease £ 40.00
Gear Adjust £ 15.00
Rear Hanger Alignment £ 20.00
Rear Shock Air Can Service £ 35.00
Remove and re-fit fork for service £ 20.00
Remove and re-fit shock for service £ 15.00
Service Hub Front £ 20.00
Service Hub Rear £ 25.00
Storage Charge per week £ 10.00
Warranty process fee for items not purchased from SC £ 25.00
Wheel Build £ 40.00
Wheel Build carbon wheel £ 50.00
Wheel True Level 1 & Fit single spoke £ 15.00
Wheel True Level 2 & Fit upto 5 spokes £ 20.00