Burgtec Penthouse Flat MK5 Pedals


Introducing the 'Penthouse Flat MK5 Pedals' from British MTB favourites, 'Burgtec'. This latest incarnation of Burgtec's brilliant flat pedals have been developed to be bigger, grippier and lighter than ever, while remaining true to their commitment to toughness and durability.

The MK5 evolution symbolises a 17-year journey that began on the slopes of Schladming in 2003. Each Burgtec pedal generation has built on the premise of utilising any advances in materials and manufacturing to perfectly balance weight, durability and grip. Take the evolution from the MK4 to the MK5, for example, which saw the weight shed by 65g per pair, an increase of 7% in platform footprint, and a decrease of 0.5mm in pin width.

For the MK5 model, Burgtec has taken on customer feedback gained from the MK4 model, extensively testing a number of different Q-factors for ideal foot and crank positioning. They've developed the perfect platform size, pin width and height to ensure exceptional underfoot grip.

Burgtec recognises the importance of internal quality and durability. The MK5 features wear-resistant bushings from Igus and a full-contact oil seal to keep grease in and contaminants out, even in harsh conditions. This offering of superior quality components bolsters the Penthouse series' reputation for outstanding longevity.

Some quick features of the Penthouse Flat MK5 Pedals include:

  • Weight: 379g (Steel Axle)
  • Platform material: 7075 Alloy
  • Profile: 15mm
  • Platform: 100mm x 102mm
  • Dish: 2mm (concave)
  • Pin material: Stainless steel
  • Axle Material: EN24T Steel
  • Internals: 2 x Igus W300 bushes, single sealed bearing and inboard rubber oil seal

Singletrack Magazine praised the new MK5 pedal, stating, "It looks like Burgtec is back in the rhythm as the MK5 isn’t a totally new pedal but a refinement over the last." Discover this 'refinement' for yourself with the Penthouse Flat MK5 Pedals. A better pedal? It's certainly possible.

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Colours Burgtec Black, Iron Bro Orange, Kash Bronze, Rhodium Silver, Toxic Barbie Pink
Brand Burgtec
Model Year 2021
Barcodes 0712885687336, 0712885687374, 0712885687381, 0712885687398, 0712885687411, 712885687374
SKUs / Part Numbers 1601, 1605, 1606, 1607, 1609

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