MTB Workshops at Coed y Brenin

MTB Workshops at Coed y Brenin

Pedal MTB in partnership with Beics Brenin are organising some useful MTB skills sessions at Coed y Brenin. These sessions are relaxed, informal and fun and are designed to help build confidence by introducing some practical skills and knowledge that will helpful in planning your rides but also to get you out of trouble when things go wrong. 

The sessions take place morning and afternoon on each day so you can come for just one or do both sessions in a day.  These sessions are kindly subsidised by Beice Brenin to help promote trail safety and encourage rider confidence by offering an opportunity to build on existing skills and knowledge. 

Trailside repairs 

Practical skills to manage the most common repairs like fixing a flat, dropped chain and making minor adjustments to bike controls and gears.

This is a 2 hour classroom based session that will cover:

  • M Check
  • Puncture repair
  • Chain splitting and repair with a quick / power link
  • Limit Screw adjustments
  • Gear Indexing
  • Headset adjustments

A workstand and multi tool will be provided for use, participants will need to bring their own bike to work on and the bike MUST be CLEAN as the session is undertaken indoors. You can bring your own trailside tools if you own them. Suitable tools can also be purchased from Beics Brenin.

19th February - BOOK HERE
11th March - BOOK HERE


Learn how to read OS and trail maps for planning and navigating your ride. Exploring the basic principles of navigation and learning some important navigation skills to help keep your on riding on track. 
The sessions begin in the classroom then move outdoors for some hands-on navigation exercises.  

This session is 3 hr and includes a mix of indoor and outdoor tasks with an aim to build confidence in navigating using trail and OS Maps.

The course will cover :

  • Orientating a map
  • Grid referencing
  • Measuring distance
  • Interpreting symbols and contour lines
  • Measuring and taking a bearing

An OS and Trail Maps & Compass will be provided for use on the course. Participants will need to bring a bike and riding gear (Only forest roads and easy trails like the blue graded Minortaur will be used.).

19th February - BOOK HERE
11th March - BOOK HERE

Both courses is delivered by staff of Pedal MTB Coaching/Training.

We are asking participants for £15 /session to secure a space, all this money will be donated directly to Wales Air Ambulance to help support their essential work. 

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